Summer Fun (June 28)

Ahhhh, those summer days! Me, I’m a winter person 🙂 There’s no greater marvel than snow, no place so magical as a snow-covered mountain forest, and nothing so exhilarating as a good snowboard- or sled-run! Still, God is infinite in His wonders, and even I have to admit that there are some truly special pleasures that only come around in the summer.

Like the outdoor movie theater, where everyone snuggles up on a blanket in the grass and stays up late to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 (which doesn’t start until 10 pm!)…Handfuls of kettle corn and homemade coconut-cream icecream in the cool air of a Pacific Northwest summer night….Okay, that’s pretty good!

IMG 0889

Or cherry-picking! …Who even knew that they grow like this?

IMG 6509

I pictured cherry trees as having these little dainty pairs of cherries dotted along, at the tips of branches…But these were loaded! Each branch covered with columns and clusters, sometimes bending down to the ground under the weight…We picked all we could and you’d never even know we were there!

IMG 6541

And of course, nothing goes better with summer-cherry-picking than summer cherry-eating 🙂 “Me eat this one? Me eat this one? This one? This one?” Hee hee. The only thing better than summer-cherry-eating will be winter-cherry-eating, from our stash in the freezer!

IMG 6549

IMG 6554

And, of course, the beach…A summer staple, and for good reason…

Here, we caught an early-morning ferry to Port Townsend, and started our day at the Fort Worden State Park beach. The sun was beautiful and golden and the sand was warm…The water was blue, and sparkling-brilliant, and the kids were back-lit silhouettes in the summer-wonderland!

DSC 7339

Spencer’s favorite part was running down the hill and jumping into the water…

DSC 7343

DSC 7346

DSC 7347

DSC 7364

Vivi was quite content with her pink bucket…

DSC 7351

DSC 7352

DSC 7437

And Asher had a really special treat…A couple of days earlier in the week, he had read about a bull whip in Little House on the Prairie. He had even tried to make his own whip by whittling a flexible branch from our yard. And then, when we got to the beach, there was this amazing, 8-foot-long seaweed-root waiting for him. It had a thick handle on one end and narrowed gracefully down to a sharp tip, perfectly flexible and smooth, and boy did that thing whistle when he whipped it!

DSC 7392

He was delighted, of course! 

DSC 7403

He whipped and spun and splashed to his heart’s content!

DSC 7410

And then, because it was something that he couldn’t take home with him, Asher learned a little something extra…God gives us many gifts in this life, because He is a perfect and loving Father. The things of this world don’t last forever…But the gift of God’s love does! So with this gift, Asher had to enjoy and appreciate and be thankful for something special that was given just to him…And then leave it behind, in the confidence that God had many more gifts in store for him, and that the greatest gift of all was God’s love and eternal life. That’s a pretty big lesson for a day at the beach!

And Joe and I just enjoyed a seat on the shore, wiggling our toes in the sand, and watching delight-follow-delight along the sparkling water.

DSC 7431

DSC 7456

DSC 7445

DSC 7447

DSC 7454

DSC 7359

As we wrapped up our splash-time, the most amazing clouds rolled in, with a cool breeze and a few sprinkles…

DSC 7480

DSC 7487

And at the ferry home, a wonderful family – or herd? gaggle? flock? – no, a raft! of sea otters was munching up some of the biggest crab legs you’ve ever seen! 

DSC 7520

Poor little crabs….Fat, happy otters!

DSC 7505

DSC 7510

Another day, another beach…This one is Clayton Beach, just 15 minutes south of us. At low tide, it’s a great place to splash and wade!

IMG 0925

Ummm, Vivi, it’s okay, the waves aren’t that high…

IMG 0924

Your shorts aren’t going to get wet…Seriously. 🙂

DSC 7578

As always, it’s a good place to discover…

DSC 7577

DSC 7579

And as it turns out, it’s also a great place to skip sand dollars! I’m not quite sure which kiddo figured it out first, but Asher and Spencer were both quick to show us that a sand-dollar, thrown upside down, skips better than the flattest stone, whirling and bouncing and ultimately spinning to a stop on the surface before sinking below the waves…

IMG 0926

DSC 7615

DSC 7611

As always, I have to admit – God’s thoughts are higher than my thoughts, His ways are higher than my ways…I may be a winter-girl, but He’s an all-season Creator, and right now the summer is fine!


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