Subdued Excitement (July 12th)

The summer days here are famously warm, sunny and beautiful…But not all of them! Sometimes, even in the summer, cool air and clouds roll in, just as a little reminder that this is, still, the Pacific Northwest, after all!

And when such a spell comes along, what are you going to do with yourself? Hmmmmmm…

IMG 0994

Well, the same things you do when it’s sunny, of course! God’s creation is equally as beautiful, rain or shine, and it’s always wonderful to see familiar things in that infinite variation of new lights!

This particular weekend, there was soccer at the park, and then we enjoyed another low tide at Marine Park…

The breeze was gentle, the colors were soft, and tranquil shoreline exploration was the order of the day!

IMG 0995

IMG 1001

In quiet, sheltered pools and coves, all the familiar creatures were just as bright and fabulous as ever.

There’s always one mussel who has to be different…

IMG 1020

Sea anemones, ever my favorite, just begging to be poked!

IMG 1028

The brilliant little dogwinkle, with the bright orange stripe that always catches our eye.

IMG 1029

And the water, like liquid mercury today, fluidly rippling and curling and reflecting all the beauty around it!

IMG 1017

IMG 1018

IMG 1016

We made our way back from the beach just as a little rain shower set in…And enjoyed a rooftop lunch at FatPie Pizza while the rain came softly down outside!

IMG 1038

Who are those kids playing in the downspouts? Their parents should really get a handle on them…

IMG 1043

But they are pretty stinkin’ cute!

IMG 1046

After a warm lunch, it was off to Lookout Mountain, where the forest is equally enchanting in a light rain! Look how happy this Pacific Sideband snail looks! Nestled under a tree branch in a drippy, rain-cooled forest…Yep, that’s a snail’s world right there!

DSC 7634

Same goes for this frilly little white mushroom, growing on a tree trunk. I think fungi are never happier than when it’s raining!

DSC 7636

And of course, what could be better conditions for the Banana Slug? Kind of an unappreciated, slimy little guy – but on a cool, rainy day, on a river rock, even he has a bit of a noble loveliness about him!

DSC 7688

And Spencer discovered the beauty of the lace-like leaves on the forest floor – he picked up one after another “Look at this one! Look at this one!” Sometimes, you just find a new delight even in things you’ve seen many times before!

DSC 7637

A short detour led us to a sweet little cascade and pool, a perfect play place…

DSC 7639

For wading, for sitting and relaxing, looking for creatures, and wiggling toes in the sand…

DSC 7643

And then – surprise! A hummingbird! Bathing in the cascade! Dipping, and ruffling, splashing and ducking, until he was satisfied that he was thoroughly clean from tip to tail, and zoomed up to a nearby branch to preen himself. What a treat!

DSC 7653

Gentle days, quiet days, peaceful, restful, refreshing days…They may not be sunny days, but there is so much more to a rainy weekend, just waiting to be enjoyed 🙂

IMG 6616


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