Summer Went!

Where did it go? When summer begins, it stretches far out into the future, and it almost seems like you might run out of fun summertime activities before you run out of summer days…

There are playgrounds…

IMG 1153

IMG 1187

IMG 1220

And sprayparks…

IMG 1194

IMG 1166

IMG 1177

And lakes…

DSC 7996

And pools…

IMG 1276

IMG 1263

And there’s Boulevard Park (always a staple, anytime of year)…

IMG 1200

IMG 1228

IMG 1247

IMG 1246

IMG 1255

There might be a little introduction to rock-climbing at the local YMCA…

IMG 1291

IMG 1314

IMG 1317

IMG 1343

There was even a visit from Nonna (Grandma) and Grandpa Scott, who flew in from Pennsylvania to spend a week. We had a weekend adventure to the San Juan Islands…

IMG 1354

IMG 1369


IMG 1355

DSC 7879

IMG 1360

And, of course, a walk at Mt Baker…

DSC 7942

And lots of weekday fun at their place in Birch Bay, right along the shore.

DSC 7975

DSC 7989

The sunsets were just amazing!

DSC 7985

DSC 7976

DSC 7994

IMG 1451

DSC 7993

But, just like every summer, all of a sudden it was the last day at the pool, the last evening at the spray park, a last visit to the lake…Just like that, it seemed like there might not be enough summer days left for all the fun summertime activities that are so enjoyable! Isn’t that just the way it goes?


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