School Picture Day (October 18th)

Something suddenly inspired me to have a school picture day. I was just tickled by the thought that, since we were homeschooling, I could have school picture day whenever I wanted! Wherever I wanted! After taking a poll, we all agreed that Hovander Homestead Park, with gardens, trails, historic farm and homestead, and a great playground, would be a good option for fun and photos, and so we made plans for a Sunday morning outing to the park.

The event started with wardrobe selection. Vivi picked out a shirt to match Daddy, and soon we had all joined the color-coordination bandwagon! 

Armed with coffee and juice from Woods Coffee, where the kids had a quick planning session in the meeting room, we set off to have fun, take cute pictures, enjoy God’s great outdoors, and have more fun and take more cute pictures.

IMG 2027

The day was overcast, and strangely still, not a breath of breeze, and warm enough to quickly leave jackets and hats behind…Quite possibly the world’s best weather conditions for a photo shoot! We started things off at the picnic table near the fragrance garden, with our coffees and juices and snacks, beginning to discuss ideas about where to take photos. 

There was a quick hair-styling session, in which we settled on two barrettes, on the same side…

IMG 2030

Spencer warmed up his camera skills as well…


Asher found a frog, and so the photo shoot was put on a temporary hold as he tried, unsuccessfully, to catch it…

DSC 8921

Meanwhile, Vivi started getting into character…

IMG 2034

And Spencer found an amazing new mushroom, which he excitedly reported to Joe…Joe took pictures of the mushroom…

DSC 8925

In all its delicate splendor…

DSC 8934

Spencer took pictures of Joe taking pictures of the mushroom…


And before you knew it, we were off and running with School Picture Day!

I spotted these hydrangeas right away for Vivi – a pink shrub next to a pale green, with a single blue sprig, just because!

DSC 8939

DSC 8940

Oh my, we were certainly off to a good start!

The fragrance garden had some fun structures for the boys…

DSC 8946

DSC 8950

But my eyes were on the observation tower next…I was certain the views from up top would make for some good shots…

DSC 8958

DSC 8961 

DSC 8964

DSC 8965

We had planned to wander around the boardwalk through the marshes next, but unfortunately, that path was closed for hunting season. I always forget about that, for some reason!

And so, we found ourselves wrapping things up at this end of the park, and getting ready to head over to the picnic area, playground, and farm…And it was already lunchtime! We took a break and picked up lunch at the grocery store, then brought it back to the homestead for round two…

This beautiful cypress tree right next to our picnic table turned out some of my favorite pictures…

DSC 8996

DSC 9005

DSC 9020

DSC 9039

DSC 9051

And the old barn had a great orange tractor that everyone wanted a photo on! I mean really, who can resist?

DSC 9122

DSC 9119

DSC 9130 

There was a nice long break for running around on the playground, while Joe and I sat with some quiet reading.

Personally, I was especially excited about our class picture…My heart was just so warmed by the idea – Teacher, Teacher’s Assistant, and 3 little students all lined up together. You can’t see Him, but our Principle, Jesus, is the tallest one next to Joe 🙂  

DSC 9153

DSC 9113

DSC 9163

Not all the moments were picture-perfect…It can be really challenging to get 3 kids to smile at the same time…

DSC 8982

DSC 8985

DSC 8984

Or to take the whole thing seriously, sometimes. Seriously.

DSC 9082

Still, there are moments when it all comes together pretty nicely!

DSC 9059

Wow, how will I ever choose just one? Thank goodness, I don’t have to!


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