Golden Winter Days (December 25)

To be sure, we had some gray days, some low and quiet and still days…But winter days are full of golden beauty, as well, just awaiting discovery!

Out at Hovander Homestead, the fields are golden and on a clear day, Mt Baker shines brighter than the clouds!

DSC 9657

The low-angled sun rains golden drops across the marshlands…

IMG 2775

And the still waters mirror the beauty, doubling the golden landscape…


(photo courtesy of Spencer)

It’s all the same to the American Coot, who glides along placidly, not seeming to take any special notice of his splendid surroundings 🙂

DSC 9625

And something mysterious happens in the golden grasslands, where millions of strands of glittering silk wave and ripple from the tops of the stalks…I don’t know what they are, but I could watch them for hours.

DSC 9617

Far away on the wing, some type of raptor, maybe a red-tailed hawk, is highlighted by the golden rays.

DSC 9628

A little sparrow soaks in the radiance, lighting up with bright eyes and shimmering feathers.

DSC 9637

The great blue heron captures some of the golden light within the tips of his feathers.

DSC 9654

Out at Inspiration Point, Barrow’s Goldeneye carries his bright bit of gold around with him all the time.

DSC 9713

And on a beautiful Christmas afternoon, after Christmas Eve caroling, after opening presents, after remembering the story of the first Christmas, and why this day deserves such great celebration, after Christmas cookies and Christmas wishes to loved ones far away, Boulevard Park drew us out to its golden winter shores again…

The bright, low sun turned the waves to bright glass-green…

IMG 2834

And the nearer I looked, the brighter the rainbow of sea-smoothed stones and simple shells became…

IMG 2820

IMG 2948

The sky’s reflection was crystal-clear where the water was still…

IMG 2918


(photo courtesy of Spencer)

And the golden sunlight was warm and lovely where the kids were not still 🙂

IMG 2874

DSC 9800

IMG 2909

IMG 2902

DSC 9809

IMG 2952

A kingfisher perched above us, backlit and decorated by the sun’s golden rays…

DSC 9747

Showing a new splendor as he took flight…

DSC 9772

Every detail of his intricate feathers brought to life by the golden winter rays.

DSC 9773

Decorated forests…

IMG 2972

Family photos…

DSC 9730

Christmas lights…

IMG 2986

It’s a rich season, full of blessings from a God whose color palette is never exhausted, who has turned our winter days to gold!


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