Deception Pass (December 31)

Deception Pass, on a sunny winter day, was crystal clear and brilliant! The Olympic Mountains floated in the distance, on a sea of fluffy clouds…

DSC 0252

DSC 0254

And the shoreline was frosted where the sun hadn’t reached it yet.


(Photo courtesy of Spencer)

While Joe and I took pictures of ice crystals on the beach…

DSC 0270

IMG 3153

IMG 3151

The kids entertained themselves by throwing rocks…

IMG 3160

Using the binoculars…

IMG 3156

And running up and down the fence to make it snow 🙂

IMG 3147

The path was beautiful, following along the cliffsides, with tranquil views of water and forest…

DSC 0474

IMG 3175


(Photo courtesy of Spencer)

DSC 0355

DSC 0399

At a small beach, Asher studied the rocks to see if there were any good specimens to chip out with his rock hammer…

DSC 0380

Genevieve was mainly interested in which ones were good for throwing (all of them!)…

DSC 0375

Our new friend, the Golden Crowned Kinglet was there…

DSC 0418

DSC 0431

DSC 0434

And always a Harbor Seal, keeping an eye on us!

DSC 0452

The highest point on the hike had a sweeping view, a great spot to watch the seagulls, cormorants, bald eagles and harbor seals. Very relaxing except for the 60 or 70 times I heard myself say “Step back from the edge please. Back from the edge please. There’s no running by the edge please. You’re too close to the edge please.”

IMG 3178


IMG 3179

Near the end of the trail, we ran across this lovely sea duck. I thought he was a loon, but Asher called him correctly as a Common Merganser. That kid is already too smart for me!

DSC 0515

DSC 0516

We finished up with a lovely meander through the forest back to the picnic lunch at our truck…The afternoon sunlight was turning golden again, lighting up the mosses…

DSC 0527

As well as a little swarm of some unknown flying insect…Aren’t they adorable?

DSC 0525

Just another Monday in the Pacific Northwest!

DSC 0295


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