Going with the Flow (Jan 20)

To be honest, I thought we’d be in Texas by now…And since we’re not, and since we’re all ready, days are pretty open-ended. We have schoolwork to do, we have housework to do, and we like to get some fresh air…But apart from that, plans are flexible! 

After Museum Thursday in Seattle, we realized that there was a smaller-scale version right here in Bellingham. We found out that we could get a reduced price on the local art museum, which includes a children’s museum, along with a limited-time local bird exhibit and a walk through historic City Hall. It seemed like a great way to spend a morning, until Genevieve woke up with a fever…

But she was otherwise cheerful, with no other symptoms, and when given the choice, she really wanted to go to the children’s museum. And despite her over-rosy cheeks, she had a great time there!

IMG 3312

IMG 7070

But that was about all the gas she had in the tank…Poor baby! She was soooo tired, and so I parked her on this bench while we walked around the exhibit…But I must have made her a little too comfy, because she dozed right off!

IMG 3326

She did wake up long enough to join in a little family artwork time, fun with nature-stamps…

DSC 0706

But crashed again during the native bird exhibit 🙂

DSC 0711

Oh the little trooper! She was so sweet when, after being carried around City Hall, she softly asked “Can we go home now?” When asked what she’d like for lunch, she requested, in a very tiny voice “Pea-butter-and-jelly-samiches?” (I’m going to miss those little-baby words one of these days – but not yet!)

So, home we went, and there were peanut-butter-and-jelly-samiches for all 🙂 

There’s really nothing more comforting when you’re sick than a snuggly spot in front of Gruffalo’s Child, wrapped in Mommy’s soft wool shawl 🙂 While the rest of us played family games, Genevieve had her own private little mini-theater for rest and recovery. Kleenex and cold water and a warm washrag and honey-coconut-oil-cinnamon-peppermint medicine were all nearby. Amazingly, by the time she fell asleep in the evening, her fever was gone, and in the morning she was completely back to her usual self!

IMG 3331

Some days, even though the view from the kitchen window is gray and windy, you just need to get some fresh air and stretch your legs! So one day, we packed a lunch and headed down the street to Bloedel Donovan Park.

The lake was wind-whipped, so it was like an amusement park ride just to walk out and stand on the floating docks!

IMG 3332

Nearby, a whole flock of American Coots were gliding through the choppy waters, their bright-white beaks rippling this-way-and-that…

IMG 3335

And a picnic lunch always goes best with a side of playground 🙂

IMG 3339

IMG 3340

On a day that called for rain, we decided to chance a walk at Stimpson Family Nature Preserve anyway. Before we even got in the truck, we saw this red tailed hawk, right there on the electrical pole! It had a bright blue tag on its wing which, as best as I can figure, might mean that it was relocated from somewhere. I read that sometimes they nest at the airport and have to be relocated within the county…

DSC 0741

It was wonderful to see this majestic raptor so close!

DSC 0748

And on the trail, the sun emerged over the marshlands!

IMG 3343

The air was still and cool, and the sunlight was bright and golden.

IMG 3344

IMG 3346

A Red-Breasted Sapsucker went to work on a tree right next to us, adding his methodical drum-beat to the quiet forest…

DSC 0782

DSC 0802

The water was so still that sometimes it was hard to tell which end was up! Mossy logs reflected in the marshland…

DSC 0795

DSC 0797

And the forested skyline reflected perfectly in Geneva Pond!

IMG 3349

IMG 3350

We stopped for lunch at the pond, where the blue sky was still peeking through.

IMG 3356

As we ate, the clouds closed in before our very eyes, fulfilling the forecast for a cloudy day…

IMG 3360

And we moved on, grateful for having enjoyed the morning sunshine, and leaving behind a very distinctive “We were here!”

IMG 3359

IMG 3361

No matter what the day brings, sleeping on floormats means that most evenings look like this at some point! Every night, before we go to bed, Joe and I go into the kids’ room, giggle and point about the way that they’re sleeping, and then straighten them all back out and snuggle them into their own blankets again! After that, they’re on their own 🙂

IMG 3341

And day by day, we just keep going with the flow, seeking to continue to learn and grow in the Lord in this time that He has given us!


(Photo courtesy of Spencer – he doesn’t remember what he took a picture of, but doesn’t it look awesome?!)


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