God’s Sculpture Garden (Jan 24)

On a sunny day, we set out to hike the Lookout Mountain Trail. It’s near our house, and we’ve visited several times, but never completed it. We looked forward to making it all the way to the top this time.

IMG 3386

It’s not exactly a mountain, but it’s still a lot of uphill!

IMG 3382

As always, the forest was lovely…

IMG 3390

IMG 3387

And there were plenty of mossy trees to take breaks on along the way…

IMG 3384

IMG 7109

The giant deciduous trees, draped in mosses, are wonderful in the wintertime, and I enjoy just standing at the bottom and staring up to the sky through their bare, pillowy branches.

IMG 3407

See? Moss!

IMG 3432

Isn’t it wonderful?

IMG 3434

And today, it was also an art gallery! Look at those colors!

IMG 3380

Look at that composition!

IMG 7085

And look at all of these incredible sculptures! Such creative use of color and texture, like a Chihuly blown-glass exhibit!

IMG 7087

IMG 7091

IMG 7093

IMG 7104

IMG 7116

IMG 7117

IMG 3420

Wow, what a master Creator! 🙂

The view from the top was a little obscured…A sliver of Lake Whatcom was visible below, and in the distance, Mt. Baker was sporadically revealed amidst fast-moving white clouds.

IMG 3393

But still, it was a nice spot to drink some hot soup!

IMG 3395

After a good lunch and a good rest, we were ready for Genevieve’s favorite part of the hike – “Yay! Downhill!”

We discovered these great snack-bags that some nice person had left beside the trail…Just kidding! People do leave their bags of dog-droppings next to the trail for some reason, but these are not droppings, they are delightful little chocolate-covered toffee almonds, which help big-hiking-kiddos forget that they are even a little bit tired!

IMG 3411

Spencer, remembering all of his observations of squirrels and chipmunks, stored some away for later 🙂

IMG 3414

And so  the return trip was filled with energetic kids bounding through the tall and mossy forest!

IMG 7101

IMG 7112

🙂 Goodbye, Lookout Mountain Trail!

IMG 7119


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