Pt. Whitehorn Marine Park (February 6)

Another day, another speck of wilderness nestled in just north of the refinery 🙂 It was an unlikely location, and so we had never realized that there was a trail there, but we happened to read about the park and decided to give it a try!

The trail began in the forest, and was a lovely stroll along boardwalks and gravel paths, just enjoying the peaceful beauty that happens beneath tall trees…

IMG 3623

IMG 3631

“Okay, you can take a picture of me looking cute on this tree stump.”

IMG 3624

“I’m waiting for you to take a picture of me looking cute on this tree stump!”

IMG 3625

“Hello! Did you take a picture of me yet looking cute on this tree stump?!”

IMG 3626

Oh goodness, Genevieve can find a million places in a forest that are a “perfect spot”, and loves to sweetly request “Take a pitcher of me!” before moving on down the trail!

IMG 3628

IMG 3731

IMG 3635

She is the biggest, but not the only, camera-ham in the family 🙂

DSC 1151

IMG 3633

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God (Romans 1:20, New Living Translation)

And that, in simple terms, is what I love about being outside…God is in everything that He created, He’s all around, you can see Him everywhere, and always be amazed by Him through the wonder of His creations!

The towering trees, decorated with living ornaments, reaching up to the clear heavens…That incomparable shade of blue that can’t be recreated on any wall, paper, or T-shirt, because it contains light…

IMG 3636

The industrious woodpeckers, busily working their way along branch after branch, filling the forest with the sounds of happy diligence…

DSC 1160

The sweet little Brown Creeper, who never creeps downwards, but flies to the base of each tree so that he works ever upwards…

DSC 1178

The flash of orange revealed by sun shining through the paper-thin bark peeling delicately from the elegant birches…I’m often amazed by these small details, the things that I would never have remembered or thought to make lovely if I were creating something…

DSC 1191

And – surprise! – underneath a layer of bark, a spring-green leaf-bug of some sort, with baby-blue eyes and shimmering speckled wings…

DSC 1195

So carefully decorated in such perfect detail…

IMG 3640

And a mystery! What is orange and luminous and pointed on one end? I have no idea, I still hope to find out, and I may never know!

IMG 3658

And everywhere, even in something so simple as a fallen tree, the reminder of God’s infinite capacity for love for all of His creatures!

IMG 3679

The forest trail eventually led to the clifftop, overlooking a beautiful afternoon on the bay, all soft light and gently blended shades of seaglass…

IMG 3681

And as we followed the trail down from the forest, towards the pebbled beach…

IMG 3686

Oh joy! A Lizard (Northern Alligator Lizard), soaking up the sun in the warm dirt alongside the trail!

DSC 1204

No wait, a pair of Lizards, one of them almost invisible on the pale wood of a nearby tree root!

DSC 1206

There was great excitement all around, with many voices chorusing “Can I hold him? Can I hold him next? Can I? Can I? Can I?” Yeesh. Yes, yes, yes, everyone will get a turn!

IMG 3691

Asher first, adored the little creature and struggled with all his might not to ask if he could bring him home. He sheepishly confided that, if he had built a habitat already, he would have asked to bring him home. When I pointed out that we wouldn’t want to take him away from his mate, who was possibly there next to him, he thoughtfully answered, “Of course! I would take both of them home so they could have babies.” He’s so sensible.

DSC 1211

And he’s right of course – who could resist this little lizard-face?!

IMG 3696

Spencer’s smile lit up his face when it was his turn…

IMG 3700

And Genevieve’s delight was intermixed with a little bit of What? Seriously? Eeeew! I mean, awesome!  “Okay Mama, you can hold him now!”

IMG 3702

Reluctantly, everyone said goodbye to the patient Lizard, and we returned him to his warm patch of forest dirt next to his maybe-mate.

And we continued on down to the beach! As always, the shore inspired me to get down close and marvel at the detail of each lapping and crashing wave, at each brightly and intricately colored pebble…

DSC 1220

IMG 3708

At each tiny sample of the myriad seaweeds that grow unseen and out of reach beneath the shiny surface of the water…

IMG 3714

At each golden ray making its way through the clouds to bring the beginnings of sunset to the peaceful view…

IMG 3713

And at the lovely winter Pacific Loon, fishing off-shore, such a serene bird, never-hurried, ever-elegant, gliding in smooth dives and surfacing regularly with a shimmering fish!

DSC 1215

The boys, like me, always take a close look at the wonders nestled around their feet…

IMG 3719

But the beach is full of wider wonders too!

Every rock is a tower, to be conquered…

IMG 3712

And adored!

IMG 3721

IMG 3722

And conquered…

IMG 3724

IMG 3726

IMG 3727

And adored!

IMG 3728

And, of course, a snack at the beach means the ever-popular “pea-butter-an-jelly-samiches”, relished here atop a glacial granite boulder perched above the gently-lapping waves!

IMG 3716

It’s always with a slow reluctance that I rouse myself from my looking, looking closer, looking farther, looking up, looking around, looking and listening…These gentle wanderings with our Father have such a quiet and insistent call, a call that’s easy to follow, and makes it easy to forget about anything else…

IMG 3683

But He calls us back, too, to the works that He has prepared for us to do, and so it’s “Thank you and good-bye!”, until next time!


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