Hovander Homestead Park (February 7)

Ready for another leg-stretching, we did some research to confirm that the boardwalk at Hovander Homestead had reopened for the season. It closes in fall and winter due to hunting in an adjacent area, so we hadn’t been able to visit it for a long time, but it was open at last!

The trail begins in a fragrance garden…

IMG 3734

Where, even in winter, there are spots of color and hints of fragrance: lavender, rosemary, thyme, crocus, hellebore…

IMG 3765

IMG 3766

It continues on through the marshy grasslands…

IMG 3738

All winter-gold with the mountains far in the distance, and Mt. Baker obscured beneath low-hanging clouds…

IMG 3739

You think about big skies as being blue skies, but sometimes I think the skies look more eternal when they’re draped in clouds, radiant and intricate and ever-shifting clouds, stretching to the horizon in every direction, layer upon layer to draw the eye ever onwards…Now that’s a big sky!

IMG 3764

The dark, glassy reflections of the boggy pools bring a warm color palette to a chill day, like staring into the depths of a hot cup of tea, and observing your surroundings in muted shimmery likeness…

IMG 3742

And all around the rustle of dry grasses in the wind…It makes for a very brisk and invigorating walk! Even winter is a feast for the senses!


IMG 3737

The boardwalk curves through a little wet forest…

IMG 3746

Likewise reflected in sepia stillness…

IMG 3743

Each footstep rippled and dappled across the surface…

IMG 3749

IMG 3748

And we stopped often to peer into the shallow water, in search of any movement other than our own. Thanks to Asher’s sharp eyes, we spotted a couple of muddy muskrat lodges, but other than that, it was just us and the ducks!

IMG 3747

Just like in the fragrance garden, winter fields reveal their own unique decorations…Picture-perfect seedpods…

IMG 3755

IMG 3758

And the most unexpectedly brilliant flashes of color! In a sea of dusty-rose seedcones, a yellow blaze of twigs flashed forth, the only one I saw anywhere along the trail, making me seriously wonder “Who are you, and where did you come from?” 🙂


IMG 3761

A brisk walk on a blustery day is just the thing to get the blood pumping! Yay, God, again, again!

IMG 3759


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