Sunshine on the Boardwalk (February 8)

The sun was bright, and the air was warm, and the boardwalk called for an afternoon outing!

The boardwalk leads down from street level, over the railroad tracks, and out onto the water, where it travels along shore until it joins up with Boulevard Park at the other end.

IMG 3774

Just on the other side of the left-hand railing, a Belted Kingfisher perched on a branch overlooking the waves, brightly lit, and…

DSC 1237

So! Feisty!

DSC 1238

At the bottom of the ramp is a little pier, where boats can moor for a short time, and where you can sit on the edge…

DSC 1241

DSC 1248

And lean over to study the micro-environment of mussels, seaweed, and small sea creatures.

IMG 3769

The water was an amazing shade of jade and gold in the bright sunshine…

DSC 1253

A brilliant back-drop for all of the elegant sea-ducks out on parade on this fine afternoon!

Juvenile Common Goldeneyes…

DSC 1261

Not far from the adult male Common Goldeneye…

DSC 1268

A pair of Red-Breasted Mergansers…

DSC 1287

And an impossibly-bright Mallard paddling along the limestone shore!

DSC 1272

A short stroll down the boardwalk leads to a small beach, one of our favorite little areas for a quick getaway. It’s full of “perfect spots”…For climbing…

IMG 3776

IMG 3801

And swinging…

IMG 3778

IMG 3789


IMG 3795

And “cheese-ing”!

IMG 3793

DSC 1353

IMG 3799

DSC 1357

And the steady lap of small waves, each a perfect series of perfect sculptures in constant motion, a soothing counterpoint to all the excitement…

DSC 1316

Be still, and know that I am God…(Psalm 46:10)

DSC 1325


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