Snow Baker (February 9)

Snow Baker, as Genevieve calls it, has enjoyed a good snow season this year, but for some reason, we just haven’t been called up to enjoy it!

But the day arrived, a sunny Tuesday, when it was, at last, time to go and visit Snow Baker!

IMG 3804

A short walk over a hill led to this wonderful bowl, just perfect for containing our little sledders and snowboarders in fun and safety!

IMG 3806

And off they went, like they owned the place!

IMG 3811

Asher took the walk to the far end of the bowl, to tackle the largest slope first…Look how tiny he looks!

DSC 1361

After that, they stuck to the smaller slopes, with a shorter ride down, but a shorter walk up as well! (It’s important to consider both when you’re trying to maximize fun 🙂 )

IMG 3815

IMG 3837

IMG 3838

IMG 3845

IMG 3849

DSC 1369

The view was not bad, if you like that sort of thing! Table Mountain in the distance, well-traveled snowy slopes in the foreground…

IMG 3826

A silvery ribbon of river far below in the valley…

DSC 1378

And an endless blue sky!

IMG 3825

I do like that sort of thing!

DSC 1362

Ahhhh, snowy-mountains-in-sunglasses!

IMG 3850

Warm sun, bright slopes, and thick snow lead to sweaty, breathless kids, ready for a rest and a snack and a drink in the shade!

IMG 3831

And then it was back to fun…This time on sleds instead of snowboards…

IMG 3851

IMG 3852

IMG 3853

IMG 3854

IMG 3829

Gradually winding down to snow-digging and snow-ball-making…

DSC 1388

DSC 1381

DSC 1383

And snow-reclining!

DSC 1389

I always forget the feeling of fun in the snow…The peaceful feeling of blissful awe at the beauty of the snow, the sky, the mountains…The pleasant feeling of muscles that have worked for the rewards of sled runs and snow forts and snowballs…The drowsy feeling of contentment that slows the pace of the day, and makes an hour in the snow feel like a day on the mountain…But once I feel it, I remember it, and it’s like coming home!

Of course, there’s also the feeling that reminds you that it must be about lunchtime!

DSC 1394

So we said goodbye to our little snow-bowl and drove down to the ski area for lunch at the lodge, hamburgers and sodas all around, with a second-floor view of the sunny ski slopes!

After a big lunch, and a bit of leaning-back-in-chairs-and-stretching-lazily, the kids voted to wrap up the day at Picture Lake.

IMG 3857

It’s a long and bumpy slope down to the frozen lake! The boys greatly enjoyed it, on both snowboards and sleds…

DSC 1379

IMG 3870

And even Vivi requested to go down once or twice with Daddy.

IMG 3866

I went down once on a sled, nicknamed it the “Spin Cycle” (i.e., ragdoll-in-a-washing-machine), and promptly decided once was enough!

I found a small nearby slope for Genevieve…

IMG 3860

Where she would assume the “sledding position” and I would push her down the hill and then go collect her at the bottom!

IMG 3861

Down and up, and down and up, and down and slower-up, and down and even-slower-up….

And…..We’re done!

IMG 3867

Hahaha! When your children lie scattered across the snow, it is time to pack them up and take them home!

Hot dinner, hot showers, and snuggly blankets for all, the fitting ending to a glorious day on the mountain!


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