When little girls… (February 20)

…turn 4, they get to make all the choices on their special day!

Genevieve’s big day began with a choice of where to play – inside or outside? Some sunshine had crept into the forecast, and so Vivi had the option of playing inside at Perch and Play, or outside at Lynden’s City Park. I wasn’t sure which way she would go, but it turns out that she’s an outdoor girl and she picked City Park!

On the way, we stopped by the Farmer’s Market, where Vivi got to choose any pretzel she wanted. She chose “chocolate” – a pretzel stick sliced in half and filled with Nutella. She was pretty happy with that choice!

IMG 3910

At City Park, the sun was bright and the sky was blue and there was plenty of fun just waiting to be had!

First, pictures in the park…

IMG 3914

IMG 3923

IMG 3922

IMG 3924

Then off to the playground!

Climbing towers…

IMG 3925

IMG 3943

Down the tube-slide…

IMG 3931

Round-and-round on the tire swing…

IMG 3936

IMG 3939

Big brother’s help on the ropes…

IMG 3941


IMG 3949

Found you!

IMG 3950

Then time to go!

IMG 3945

And a choice of balloons – the biggest butterfly you ever saw!

IMG 3951

“And what would like for a snack, Vivi?” 

“Chips and salsa!” she says, although she actually only likes to eat the chips and watch other people eat the salsa!

“And what would you like for lunch, Genevieve?”

“Pea-butter-an-jelly-samiches!”, of course, which Daddy cut into heart-shapes for her special day!

IMG 3954

“Are you ready for cake and presents, Vivi?”


IMG 3961

Well, mostly…A little tuckered but still “thumbs-up” for the next activity!

Pictures first though, ma’am!

IMG 3959

DSC 1450

Happy birthday to you…

IMG 3966

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Vivi, Happy birthday to you!

IMG 3969

Blow out the candle….

IMG 3963

And cut the cake…

IMG 3974 

IMG 3977

And open presents!

Genevieve wanted to open the biggest present first :), which was from Mimi…

DSC 1456

DSC 1461

The soft little Alpaca-hand-puppet was an instant favorite!

DSC 1467

Alpacas give the best kisses!

DSC 1483

This year, Asher carved a piece of soapstone for Vivi…

IMG 3985

And Spencer collected some shells at the beach!

IMG 3988

One final choice…

“Vivi, what movie would you like to watch for your birthday?”


IMG 3990

And so there they were, 3 kiddos, 3 blankets, and 1 wooly Alpaca snuggled on the couch watching Frozen, winding down from a truly delightful day!


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