Camano Island (March 16th)

A little spring in the air has brought some sunny days and some outside time. There were short outings to enjoy the spring air at Whatcom Falls Park…


IMG 4037

And the Sehome Hill Arboretum…(photos courtesy of Spencer)


Springtime colors are especially vivid…




And beautifully intricate patterns can pop up in the most unexpected places, like the back of a beetle!


For an extra-special treat, we took a day-trip to Camano Island to enjoy the spring sunshine on the beach!

It was a beautiful day with gentle breezes and sparkling water and all the wonder that comes along with this Pacific Northwest coastline!

IMG 4134

God’s creation is always full of all my favorite colors!

Spring seemed to bring a coordinated color palette of golds and russets, in the maple blossoms…

DSC 1616

In the holly bushes…

IMG 4100


Even in the Frilled Dogwinkle eggs (who knew)…

IMG 4071

IMG 4072

And the pine blossoms…


Especially striking when set against a turquoise sky!

IMG 4064

The familiar muted blues and grays and sea-greens and rose-reds of the beautiful beach stones were all there like a homecoming, and were even buried in the layers of the sandy cliffs, haha!

IMG 4117

Fun, fun, fun at the beach! Fun on rocks and boulders…

IMG 4079

IMG 4080

Fun on driftwood of all shapes and sizes…

IMG 4057

IMG 4108

IMG 4115

IMG 4128

And especially fun when you put the two together!

IMG 4124

Fun spotting the sweet little songbirds…

DSC 1620

DSC 1637

And especially fun catching something! Asher was thrilled to have the chance to handle this lovely little garter snake.

DSC 1602

You can tell the snake is thrilled too, of course 🙂

DSC 1611

And relaxing at the beach…Look a two-seater!

IMG 4073



IMG 4085

Or a three-seater, if you’re pint-sized 🙂

IMG 4088

A feast for the eyes, a feast for all the senses, fun, inspiring, relaxing, exhilarating, all wrapped up in a day at the beach with God!

IMG 4095


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