Goodbye to Bellingham! (March 22)

The day has arrived…

The house is sold….

IMG 4139

It’s clean….It’s empty…(with the exception of a few housewarming touches, of course :))

IMG 4138

Our buyer is a wonderful young lady who has grown up in the Pacific Northwest, and likes to spread joy and build community. Her Tiny House has just the right spot in our back parking area, so now we understand yet another reason why we were led to level that space…She is excited to tackle a next-level of DIY, remodeling this charming little bungalow, and she delights in the house and in her plans and visions for it. When she first came to look at the home, she told us that she had an overwhelming feeling of peace and joy, which made my heart glad, because that’s what we wanted people to feel in our house! And it was very evident to me that this was the person that God had planned for this little house. It seems that He led us to begin preparing this home, and that He will be continuing His work through her, because this house is now one of His green pastures in this city 🙂

And now we’re free to move on to our next step, moving down to Texas to be with my mom! We’ve been preparing for so long, that we didn’t really have much left to finish up…Really, we’ve had several months of last goodbyes: the Farmer’s Market, Mt. Baker, the beaches, the forests, the birds, the tide pools, the playgrounds, the coffee shops…We asked the kids on Friday “Okay, is there anything that you want to do one last time before we leave Bellingham?” Asher: “Nope.” Vivi: “Noooo.” Spencer: “Can we go to Boulevard Park?” Us: “Oh sure, you mean Boulevard Park where we just went yesterday?” Spencer: “Oh, that’s right! Okay, then, nope!” Haha! Check and double-check. Of course, I would never presume to say that we’ve seen and done everything here, and there is endless beauty among the mountains and the islands that we didn’t uncover in our time here, but it was a comfort to know that the kids didn’t feel like they had missed anything, lol!

So, the trailer is packed…The truck is packed…The Thule is packed…The kids are stowed…We are one big can-of-snakes ready to begin a long and winding southward journey!

I am very glad in heart to be leaving, and to be on the road towards Texas and my mom, following this next step in God’s plan for us. We have learned so much in just a couple of years, more than I ever could have expected, actually! And there has been so much beauty! What an amazing time…Goodbye, beautiful Bellingham!

The first leg of the journey is familiar…There’s a stop at the wonderful coffeeshop that we discovered on our museum field trip to Seattle…

IMG 4147

And another stop at the Dutch Bakery, which we had discovered on the same outing…Also a detour to Cabela’s, where everyone was outfitted with Crocs to use as slippers and shower-shoes along the way 🙂

IMG 4151

And after that, the road is new, as we haven’t really ventured south to Oregon, but our current route takes us through the Columbia River Gorge. A 5-hour driving day (which is plenty when towing a trailer!), homeschool in the car, and a hotel at the end of the day – what could be simpler?

The little lodge where we landed turned out to be a real gem, set right along the Coumbia River along a bluff, with beautiful views, meticulously clean and spacious rooms, and lots of grassy, boulder-strewn fields to run around in!

IMG 4156

IMG 4158

IMG 4159

IMG 4160

IMG 4162

Add in a family restaurant with amazing food and local beers on tap, and it’s a perfect basecamp for a few days exploring this very scenic river area!

IMG 4153

We are off to a wonderful, long awaited start, with hearts thankful for what lies behind, thankful for what lies ahead, and thankful for each day from here to there!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye to Bellingham! (March 22)

  1. We are happy for you and family to follow His plan to Texas (my home state!!). Tim & I will be traveling to Texas the last week of April for my high school reunion. I visit my family several times a year, maybe we can connect there in the future. We will be looking forward to more travel posts. Have a wonderful and safe trip! Linda & Tim


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