Columbia River Gorge, Day 2 (March 24)

The next day dawned sunny, and we set out for some exploration on the Washington-side. A beautiful rainbow spanned the river as we approached the bridge, and seemed to touch down on the wind-whipped waters as we crossed!

IMG 4270

(Photo courtesy of Spencer)


We drove away from the river, into the Washington countryside, in search of an Ice Cave…And we encountered a bit of a surprise! The park road was still snowed in!

IMG 4272

But, it was walkable, and not very far, and so our Ice Cave adventure just became slightly more adventurous!

IMG 4273

DSC 1797

IMG 4275

DSC 1834

The cave itself is a funny little hole-in-the-ground, and the steps were quite snowed over, but with a tight hold on the railings, we were able to make our careful way down…

IMG 4278

To the underground wonderland! 

IMG 4281

IMG 4288

How fun! Water dripping down through the rocks formed amazing icicles and ice sculptures of all sorts…

DSC 1819

IMG 4293

IMG 4285

DSC 1802

Mmmmmmmm, fresh icicles!

DSC 1824

DSC 1830

On the way back, a group of gray jays came to check us out, fluttering around us inquisitively before winging away into the forest…

DSC 1857

DSC 1863

DSC 1861

Oh my goodness, can I have one?

What a great way to start the day! Our next stop was the Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center….

Vivi? Viiii-viiiiii?! Hey! I said “Our next stop is the Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center!”


Where it was just another day at school! (Photo courtesy of Spencer)


The interpretive center was great, filled with such a variety of exhibits beginning with First Nations and walking you through the timeline of the development of the gorge, including this giant fishwheel…


And the Mack Truck 🙂

DSC 1882 

Outside, the large equipment displays continued…(Photos courtesy of Spencer)



And led up to a replica gold mine, complete with a rubble-heap, where Spencer captured these really spectacular crystal formations!




We enjoyed another scenic drive along the Columbia River back to the hotel, where we called it an early night, preparing to get back on the road first thing in the morning, ever east-wards and south-wards!


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