Driving, Driving, Driving (March 25-26)

Sooooooooo, we had planned to spend a couple of days exploring southern Idaho, but the Lord had it strong on our hearts to keep moving, so we just kinda breezed on through!

Goodbye Columbia River Gorge…

IMG 4297

Hello, random snow-storm!

IMG 4306

After leaving the Columbia River Gorge, we made our way to Baker City, Oregon, where we wanted to check out the Baker City Heritage Museum. What a great place! It had quite a variety of exhibits that we kind of expected, about different eras of living and development here along the Oregon Trail…(Photos courtesy of Spencer)




But as an extra bonus, there was an amazing rock and gem collection! Oh, my happy little rock-hunters!!!

(Photos courtesy of Spencer)


IMG 4315





There was even a black-light room, where you could see a variety of fluorescent minerals.

(Photos courtesy of Spencer)



And then there was a very happy running-around-time at the playground across the street!

IMG 4328

IMG 4327

We pressed on to Caldwell, Idaho for the night, so that we could get up in the morning and visit the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, which we were very excited about! (Photo courtesy of Spencer)


We watched the Prairie Hawks and Harriers soaring and diving at a distance, beautiful and graceful…And Joe spotted this amazing-looking Horned Lark!

DSC 1932  1

DSC 1933

And we did enjoy seeing the abundant food population scurry about! Aren’t they cute? And yummy! Healthy Small Furry Mammals = Healthy Raptors!

DSC 1941

DSC 1945

It certainly is a dramatic landscape…

IMG 4337


IMG 4332

DSC 1935

And another wide open place that makes you feel small…

IMG 4343

And all that sunshine makes you sleepy! (Photo courtesy of Spencer)


And then we were back on the road, driving through more dramatic landscape…

IMG 4348

IMG 4354

As well as miles and miles of commercial farmland, plowed down in flat rows with miles and miles of irrigation equipment standing at the ready. And miles and miles of feed lots, where cow-heads pushed through metal bars against a backdrop of mountains, but not the scenic kind 🙂

Ah well, at least the skies were endlessly blue and the cloudscapes were infinitely delightful!

IMG 4358

IMG 4345

And so we are well on our way, ahead of schedule, headed for Utah…As I said to Joe “It’s less lovely than I was planning, but at least we’re making good time!”


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