Oh, What a Beautiful Morning! (March 27)

Happy Easter! He is risen!

We were off to a good start today! At 4:15, I woke up when Asher said “Vivi! What are you doing?” Turns out, during the night, all the covers had migrated off of Asher’s end of the bed, and so Vivi was pulling on him trying to figure out where her blanket was! I got everyone resettled and they fell right back to sleep, but Joe and I were awake, so we just got started! 

We had a relaxing cup of morning coffee, packed up our room, woke the kids gently and got them dressed, and were down at breakfast before 6 am. The kiddos were super-excited to have waffles with syrup and whipped cream, and we were cheerfully packing up the truck just as the sunrise set the mountains on fire!

IMG 4360

So it was still early-morning-light when we arrived at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, a large wetland area nestled into the valley, completely ringed by snowy Utah mountains…

DSC 1953

DSC 1991

It was absolutely teeming with birds of all kinds, and alive with the constant chatter of birdsong!

The Magpie…

DSC 1981

The Western Meadowlark…

DSC 1983

The Ring-necked Pheasant…

DSC 2010

The Long-billed Curlew…

DSC 2016

The Avocet…

DSC 2025

The Cinnamon Teal…

DSC 2081

The Killdeer…

DSC 2090

The Yellow-headed Blackbirds, in huge groups…


DSC 2159

…with their funny, penguin-like movements…

DSC 2174

The incredibly beautiful, aerobatic Tree Swallows…

DSC 2229

DSC 2252

They had nested underneath a bridge, so we could just stand and watch while a whole flock swooped and dove around us!

DSC 2261

DSC 2281

The Sandhill Cranes, barely glimpsed speeding by…

DSC 2350

And, joy of joys, the American White Pelicans arriving in large, slow-circling groups to gather on the waters!


DSC 2357

DSC 2267

And everywhere, the blue skies, the white clouds, the golden grasses, the purple mountains and the silver waters!

IMG 4378

IMG 4387


And more fun still, somehow, in this wonderland of birds, to see furry mammals! A beaver, busy as always…

DSC 2124

And a stoat! Frisky, feisty, peering at us, sniffing at us, and bounding pertly away about his business, having decided he couldn’t be bothered with trying to eat us 🙂

DSC 2306

It was a beautiful place, sunshine and fresh air and birdsong much enjoyed by all…

DSC 2321

DSC 2325

And back in the truck to wind our way through the mountains, through mile-upon-mile of dry and dusty, quite dramatic, though really hard to capture through car windows at 60 mph…First, through what I can only describe as green rock canyons, striped with jade green and white quartz, possibly due to some high copper content in the soil? 

IMG 4391

Then into the more familiar, highly-carved sandstone mountains that this area is known for…

IMG 4396

IMG 4401

Up, up, up, and then down-down-down…

IMG 4400

On our way to Moab, through towering, rocky cliff-fortresses, crossing over the halfway mark of our trip from Bellingham to Bastrop!


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