Moab. Red. Rocks. (March 28)

Moab, the land of red, sculpted rocks and broad, sandy basins. It looks to me like a vast ocean bed from which the waters have receded, so that all the funny formations sculpted by currents and tides and eddies are now exposed, and all of the sandy bottoms are now dotted with sagebrush and cactus.

The day dawned with wide skies and wide views, and we made our way into Arches National Park at the request of the kiddos. 

DSC 2393

DSC 2369

Hard to believe we were here just a few short years ago. The boys remember it a bit, but Genevieve was still in a backpack-carrier, taking her first toddling steps 🙂

DSC 2370

It’s funny, I find it easy to see God in His creation in the forest and in the mountains and at the shore, but less easy in the desert…I think where there is more life happening, it’s just easier for me…But I know that this is God’s creation as well, and I asked Him if He could help me to see His story here, to hear what He had written in the red cliffs and the humble desert landscape…It was a quiet experience for me, but I did enjoy the feeling of placing my hand against the towering, cool sandstone walls and remembering that His hand had rested here as well! Holding hands with God 🙂

DSC 2365

And of course, being springtime, the desert was in bloom! Ya know. In its own delightful little way. Bloom-ish.

DSC 2383

(Photo courtesy of Spencer)


IMG 4408

IMG 4423

IMG 4450


DSC 2470

We did some “scientific” exploring, as Asher said, investigating the small rabbit tracks and scat and myriad burrow-holes scattered throughout the red sands, but we didn’t spot anything…It could have been a bit too late in the day already…But we did get to enjoy the sight of the ravens, struggling to stay on course in the gusty winds, swooping very close to us and landing periodically with a strange, clicking call that I had never heard before. This guy swooped so close over our heads that we could hear his feathers ruffling!

DSC 2509\

But mostly, this was just a glorious playland for the kids!

DSC 2437  1

A sandbox…

DSC 2519

IMG 4418

Inside of a maze…

IMG 4428

IMG 4421

Wrapped up in a climbing gym!

IMG 4424

IMG 4457

IMG 4415

IMG 4453

IMG 4431

IMG 4417

And a few places for a quick snooze if, like Genevieve, you like to nap on rocks.

IMG 4422

IMG 4441

Yep, top marks for this playground!

IMG 4444

Another great way to start the day! Thanks, Arches! 




IMG 4449

DSC 2400

Another day, another state – Colorado, here we come!


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