Sonora Caverns…And That’s It! (April 1)

A day of driving took us from El Paso to Ozona, Tx, in time for a barbecue dinner and a little old-fashioned playground time…

IMG 4530

IMG 4533

And then our last day of travel began at Sonora Caverns, the final stop on our itinerary before heading on to Mimi’s house. The day was cool and gray as we arrived at the visitor’s center…

IMG 4537

IMG 4541

And I got my first pictures of my babies with Texas bluebonnets!

DSC 2942

(Photo courtesy of Spencer – those are Vivi’s bright pink crocs in the upper-right corner!)


The Sonora Caverns are a lovely network of limestone passages embellished with crystalline calcite formations. It seems impossible that such an incredible variety of crystals could be formed by the slow dripping of water through the limestone over time, but that’s what they say happened, and is happening still!

(Photo courtesy of Spencer)


Water doesn’t flow through these caverns, but it still filters through from rainfall above, and continues to collect in small, lovely turquoise pools along the way.

DSC 2996

Everything, every single surface, is decorated…


It was a fun walk, a long winding trail between narrow walls and through low archways, crossing the occasional bridge spanning a huge open chamber, spiraling down stairs taking us deep into God’s earth… 

DSC 3015

DSC 3050

DSC 3048

Our guide described the history of developing the caverns for public use, places where walls had been blasted through, or hollowed out, or built up, to link rooms and passages and create a loop navigating this amazing discovery…

DSC 3023

And everywhere a feast for the eyes, as the crystallized walls unfolded around us and before us…Sparkling…

DSC 3029

DSC 3046




DSC 3002

DSC 2978

DSC 3053

DSC 3067

Often gravity-defying…(These “helictites” are able to grow outwards and even upwards due to a unique capillary action that creates water pressure in the tubes while they are forming…)

DSC 3051

And all formed in a darkness so complete that, as Vivi noted: “Hey! It looks the same with my eyes cwosed!”

Again, I am reminded that God creates beauty everywhere, and it is sometimes man’s happy fortune to discover it!

And so ends our trip…Next stop, Mimi’s house, where we can put our feet up for a while!


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