Texas (April 25)

Bastrop, Texas is a small town with a long history, located along the banks of the Colorado River east of Austin. It’s situated in what is called the Lost Pines region of Texas, because the loblolly-pine forests that occur here are said to have separated, in some early geologic event, from the great piney woods that extend across east Texas through the Louisiana border.

Although along the highway it looks just like every other town, with Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Chili’s, HEB, etc., there is a quaint historic downtown along the river, with small shops and restaurants and art galleries filling the old-fashioned storefronts, amid pecan trees and crape myrtles and magnolias…

IMG 4826

IMG 4569

It’s quite pleasant on a spring evening to walk along Main Street, enjoying the smell of jasmine, sit on a breezy patio for dinner, and watch the sunset on the river…

IMG 7279

IMG 7282

IMG 7263

Like the rest of Texas, Bastrop is mostly sunny. And mostly hot. Summer begins early, and the boys quickly got summer-haircuts! Genevieve and I will just spend most of our days in pony-tails now 🙂

IMG 4573

The kids were immediately excited by all the new creatures to see! Lizards are, of course, much more abundant here, and much time has been spent hunting and catching the beautiful Green Anoles, as well as chasing a faster Six-Lined Racerunner Lizard…

IMG 4803

The anoles are great at hiding, although sometimes they don’t seem to pick exactly the right spot, if their intent is to escape…

IMG 4823

And, surprisingly, there are enough moist spots to find a few cute frogs!

IMG 4855

There are new birds to identify – Scissortail and Forktail Flycatchers, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Black Vultures, Tufted Titmice, Crested Caracaras, Green Herons, Carolina Wrens – as well as old friends like the Common Ravens, Black-Capped Chickadees, and Barn Swallows.

And there are definitely more insects of every kind! Crazy caterpillars…

IMG 4619

IMG 4620

IMG 4631


Brilliant beetles…



IMG 7246

An inch-worm…


And a Texas-sized inch-worm – this monster was like 3 inches long!


A Daring Jumping Spider…


And butterflies! The abundance of butterflies inspired Asher to want a butterfly net, which has been a fun addition to backyard activities and hiking…And oh-so-much-safer for the butterflies than having my 3 little monkeys chasing irrepressibly after them with their bare hands!

IMG 4659

IMG 4700

Unfortunately, there are also more biting and stinging insects of every kind! Mosquitos, chiggers, robber flies, fire ants, oh my…Poor munchkins. If we can stay out of the way of the ticks, black widows, brown recluses, assassin bugs, and scorpions, I will be quite happy 🙂 We have a very strict rule that you can’t touch it until you show Mommy and Daddy and we identify it.

This little jewel of an ecosystem took a big hit about five years ago when a network of large wildfires burned through about 80% of Bastrop State Park…In place of towering pine giants and softly-shaded forest floors, there are now blackened sentinels and sunlit shrubs, so the landscape is greatly changed…

IMG 4583

IMG 4886

IMG 4597

Still, of course, there is beauty! I’ve never, anywhere else in my life, seen a cloud-rainbow like this, just drifting pretty-as-you-please with the high clouds in the bright blue sky!

IMG 4595 

As the forest recovers, the wildflowers now have a chance to bloom where it was once too shady…

IMG 4760

IMG 4888

And forest residents are slowly returning, with birds, butterflies, lizards, and turtles making their homes in the park again.

IMG 4771

IMG 4784

IMG 4786

And then, when it rains, it pours! And thunders and lightnings! This was a new phenomenon for the kiddos after years of the gentle Pacific Northwest storms, and we all gathered at the bay window in the kitchen to watch the sky lighting up and count the seconds until the thunder roll!

IMG 4664

The Colorado River has been largely tamed by a series of dams, which greatly comforted the early inhabitants of Bastrop and other riverside towns, who had been through several cycles of rebuilding and starting-over after major floods over the years. But still, these are rocky hills with shallow soils, and storm-driven rains still raise the water levels!

Today, it may simply mean that park roads are unexpectedly closed.

IMG 4799

IMG 4801

And maybe the riverwalk and picnic tables are closed for a couple of days due to being underwater…

IMG 4667

And the dry creek beds along the trails aren’t quite so dry… 

IMG 4727

The floods also create hitchhikers, giving a lift to river-dwelling snails that wouldn’t normally make it up the steps to the top of the hill!

IMG 7257

IMG 7258

And then there’s also enough moisture to support some really fabulous fungi! A golden-capped mushroom springs from a fire-scorched stump in Bastrop State Park…

IMG 4670

And little pearl-sized pink and silver button mushrooms dot a fallen log in nearby Buescher State Park…

IMG 4741

Bright lichens and cup mushrooms are still to be found along the forest trails, especially at McKinney Roughs and Buescher State Park, where the fires had little impact and the trees are still tall…

IMG 4756

IMG 4732

And beautiful creeks and streams like this…

IMG 4616

Also mean that we got to be introduced to the Cottonmouth Snake, or Water Moccasin! We saw this guy moving slowly off the trail, after another hiker pointed him out, and then saw another one swimming when we reached the river. Yikes, watch your step!

IMG 4615

April is high season for wildflowers, and everywhere the fields and forests are dotted with the brilliant Texas natives…

Evening Primrose…

IMG 4601

Singletary Pea…


Indian Blanket, or Gallardia…

IMG 4603

Prickly Pear Cactus…

IMG 4607

Purple Thistle…

IMG 4590

Indian Paintbrush…

IMG 4582

Prickly Poppy…

IMG 4681

And so very many more!

A day-trip out to Rohan Meadery was the perfect place for the kids to run free through the wildflower fields…

IMG 7227

IMG 4635

Where they could lose themselves in the gently-waving, bejeweled grasses…

IMG 4650

Where they had their first introduction to honeysuckle nectar…

Where Joe and I sampled a variety of delicious meads…

And where we accidentally learned something about bees! This little guy looked so cute diving around in all that winecup pollen that we took a picture of him…And then watched him fly from winecup to winecup, never stopping for a moment at any other flower as he made his busy way through the field. I didn’t know they did that!

IMG 4647

Parks and playgrounds and riverwalks and restaurants and museums and hikes and day-trips…And always the simple pleasures of the backyard, where the birds chirp, where the leaves rustle, where the hammocks beckon…

IMG 4838

IMG 4844

And the trees invite…

IMG 4863]

And the fire-pit calls… 

IMG 4856

And the back porch is shady when the sun is hot. Hello, Texas!


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