Smile, You’re Going to Maine! (August 10)

Farther north…farther north…I wouldn’t mind being a little farther north…

Having been sent back to Alabama, we waited to hear what the Lord’s will was for us…How long would we stay in Alabama? What would we be doing while we were here? Ummmmm, how long would we stay in Alabama?

The only reason that I, personally and humanly, could think of for being in Alabama, instead of anywhere else in the world, would be to spend some time with our family, with Joe’s sister and brother-in-law and our two nieces and baby nephew…I mean, one place is much the same as another to the Lord, I figure; it’s the people that make a difference!

So, Joe talked to his brother-in-law…We would be happy to help with anything, with working on their house and property, with prayer, with homeschooling, with growing in the Lord…Joe asked him to pray about what he thought we were there for, and let us know what he heard…And then we waited…and we waited…

And while we waited, we worked…Around 5 am, Joe and I would get a cup of coffee and head out to the workshop, where he worked on some projects: sharpening, tool handles, mallets, a shooting board, a bench hook, a panel gauge, spoons, and a Bible box for Spencer….

IMG 5827

IMG 5828

When the kids woke up, they would call us on the walkie talkies, and we would take a break for breakfast and Bible time. Then the kids would have a workday with Daddy, while I did the day’s housework. After lunch, the kids would stay with me for their school day. I would write and paint as I had time…Joe would continue in the workshop until he was too hot and sweaty to stand it anymore, and then call it a day.

The evenings passed with playtime and dinnertime, with bikes and water guns and tree-climbing and games. There were odds and ends of things to do like truck maintenance and bicycle repair and sending the camera out for service and getting new shoes for the growing children. There were moving-prep things to do like sorting and reorganizing and researching options for how to move our increased household goods and looking for properties. As we searched, we began to realize that we would, indeed, be heading farther north…In spite of the many times that we had said, “Maine just seems to be too far north, with too short of a growing season”, we found that our hearts were being more and more strongly drawn to the northern state.

And the days passed…

Sometimes someone’s answer is not “No”, exactly…It’s not “I’m not interested”, precisely…It’s more like the absence of an answer, or the determined forgetting that there was a question…But no answer is, at some point, the same as the answer “No,” and we began to realize that we would soon be moving on…

And so it began, one day in early August, when the first piece of the puzzle fell into place. We found a U-Haul option called UBox that allowed us to ship and store our belongings in Bangor, Maine. Bangor would be a good, central location for us as we looked at properties in southeastern Maine. With that in place, the ball was rolling. As I’ve become accustomed to, since we had been searching and planning and preparing while we were waiting, we were quickly ready to get on the road. Everything was packed, our trip was planned, and reservations were made in just one week.

And as Joe filled out the atlas with the remainder of our travels, the picture came together.

IMG 5835  1

I’m glad it’s a smile!


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