Lake Powhatan (August 13)

The first part of our journey led us over some semi-familiar territory, heading back to Asheville, NC to visit the Biltmore Estate. We decided to camp at nearby Lake Powhatan for some splashing and playing good fun. A wood-fired pizza-place on the way provided a pizza-in-the-woods deluxe dining experience!

IMG 5864

IMG 5865

 Followed by lake-time! The sun was hot and the water was cool…

IMG 5876

IMG 5890 

IMG 5898

IMG 5889

The mica-schist stone that was common in the area made sparkling sand and sparkling water…

IMG 5880

IMG 5884

And sparkling toes!

IMG 5901

And there was the forest to explore, where there was a new rainbow of mushrooms to discover!

IMG 5926

IMG 5927

IMG 5931

IMG 5934

There was even time to build a swing…

IMG 5904

…before everyone crashed, as soon as their heads hit the pillows, even though it was still light outside 🙂

IMG 5932

As darkness fell, the cicadas began to sing. Oh, the cicadas. They were so loud, I was kind of astonished…And while they kept me awake, I reminded myself that I was grateful that they drowned out the noises of some of our neighbors, who were drinking and growing ever-louder, long into the evening. It was, after all, Saturday night!



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