Camden Aquarium (August 24)

Another day, another aquarium! The Camden Aquarium in New Jersey was on our list, and so on Wednesday morning we headed back to Philadelphia. We knew that Camden was nearby, but hadn’t realized it was literally right across the water from where we had recently visited the Liberty Bell! 

IMG 6285

Fun times and fish tanks!

IMG 6244

IMG 6234

Turtle-cleaning in progress!

DSC 4269

DSC 4266


DSC 4271

IMG 6249

Shark Tunnel!

DSC 4321

And lots and lots of beautiful, brilliant fishies 🙂

DSC 4230

DSC 4255

DSC 4280



One of the main attractions at the Camden Aquarium is the hippo-enclosure, which we visited at feeding time.

IMG 6248

Cute little hippos!

DSC 4291

While Daddy and Asher and Vivi watched the hippos from the below-water viewing area, Spencer wanted to get up high and see the hippos from above. We went into the upper stadium, and climbed the steps to a viewing platform, where Spencer could capture a more complete perspective of hippo-mania 🙂

(photo courtesy of Spencer)


After which we followed the signs towards the Shark Bridge (what’s a Shark Bridge?), stopping briefly at this prehistoric monster, where Daddy’s long arms came to good use!

IMG 6251

IMG 6262

So that’s a Shark Bridge! The rope suspension bridge above the shark tank was superfun…

IMG 6269

So fun that we went twice, at my request!

DSC 4329

Although it was not ideal for photographs…

IMG 6279

…Spencer still managed to capture a great feel of the experience!

(photo courtesy of Spencer)


And so, we said goodbye to Philadelphia…We would be breaking camp in the morning, headed further north and east, coming to the final stage of our travel. Having said hello and goodbye to family and friends all along the way, we would be striking out into new territory, into unknown lands, heehee, just our little family, back on the road again!


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