Aquarium Day! (August 27)

Asher awoke refreshed and healed and ready to head to Mystic Aquarium!

We made a quick stop in town for a delicious coffee…(yes, Genevieve, you can hold it, but NO SIPS! 🙂 )

IMG 6332

And we also happened to stop in a gift shop that caught Joe’s eye…And then something particular in the gift shop caught Joe’s eye…

Way back when we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we had stopped at the Southern Highland Craft Guild near Asheville, and we had chatted with an artist who used crystalline glaze on his pottery, which creates these amazing crystal patterns in the finish. It was a technique that was discovered by accident, and that a very few artists have continued to preserve. He didn’t have anything on the table that day that we were ready to purchase, but we took his card, planning to look at his website…only to discover that he doesn’t actually sell through his website, but just lists the galleries where his work is available. So, I wrote it off, because how, in all our unknown travels, would I be able to weave a visit to one of his galleries into our plans? I just figured that someday, when we got settled, I would do a little research on crystalline glaze pottery again, and see what was in the area…

But guess what was here, at this little Mystic gift shop? A new shipment of crystalline glazed pottery from a local artist, of which two pieces were just what we were looking for!

IMG 6634

IMG 6635

But, what we were really here to see was the Mystic Aquarium, an indoor-outdoor experience with seals and sea lions and beluga whales, and of course fishies and jellies and all that good stuff… 

IMG 6335

 DSC 4602

DSC 4555

DSC 4550

DSC 4553

DSC 4565

DSC 4582

as well as a few visiting Australian birds to feed…

IMG 6340

Overfed birds! They all sat up high and made us silly tourists climb up to them!

IMG 6349

And then we left Connecticut behind, and drove into neighboring Rhode Island to visit the Biomes Marine Biology Center, “New England’s only private marine education facility and the most hands-on aquarium in the region.” Biomes was full of individual tanks with descriptions of local New England coast inhabitants, and full of touch-tanks with rays and skates and horseshoe crabs and sharks and fish…And every few minutes, there were demonstrations as the staff fed the various inmates 🙂 Including the absolute coolest animal demo I’ve ever seen – the pufferfish! They actually took one of the pufferfish from the tank and puffed him up! It was awesome! How can he be so stretchy? And so funny, as he slowly “deflated” before our eyes!

IMG 6352

What a great place! And an interesting feeling, because this was the last stop on our winding, meandering, rambling, day-by-day, northeastward journey; tomorrow, we would be in Maine!


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