In Maine! (August 28-31)

We’re here, we’re here! As we crossed the state line into Maine, the sign said “Welcome to Maine. The Way Life Should Be.” Ha!

And so we arrived at Camden Hills State Park, which would be our base-camp for a few days while we began our property searching. We weren’t sure exactly how long we’d be here, so we began with a campsite for 2 nights, Sunday night and Monday night, just to get started. First thing Monday morning, we’d be heading for a nearby DMV office to see about registering our vehicle in Maine, and depending on what we needed to do, we would know how long we needed to stay!

As we unpacked a little, and set up camp, and put some hotdogs on the stove, a family drove by our campsite and stopped to ask us about our Washington plates. They asked what brought us to Maine, and we told them our usual story, how through prayer the Lord had sent us to Maine, and we would be looking for property here. They were very excited and pulled in to spend some time chatting, as they had moved their family on a winding journey from California, following the Lord’s will, ultimately ending up here in Maine and starting a church a little ways north. It was fun to chat about the crazy adventure of following where the Lord leads! 

Monday was a work day, and we were on task to get our truck registered! We made our first stop at the DMV and the Camden Town Office, figuring out the necessary taxes and fees and paperwork and all-that-stuff to get a non-resident registration in-place. And, in the meantime, there was a little bit of town-exploring. What a picturesque area! The history of what they call Midcoast Maine is about fishing villages and maritime trade, and, after getting as far as we could into the registration process, we had a late lunch overlooking the harbor…

IMG 6364

Nice, huh? It’s a different harbor from the west coast variety, which was lined with yacht after yacht operating under motor power…Here, it was sail-after-sail, wooden masts and old-fashioned lines, like stepping back in time a little bit…

IMG 6365

And back at camp, we followed the signs to the shore, to see what we could see…

IMG 6355

And it was really familiar! But different! I said something that I would continue to repeat many times over the next few days…”I’ve seen this before! Only, I was facing the other direction!”

The rocky shoreline was familiar, as well, but full of snails instead of limpets, with a few crabs…No starfish, no anemones…Not as lively as the western shores we used to explore, but lovely and comfortable and homey with crystal-blue water and fresh sea-breezes! And, unlike the west coast, there was no sign of industry on the shores, no billowing white columns from refineries or power plants, none of the “cloud factories,” as I’ve come to call them, shouting out the cost of consumption. Just green islands and blue waters, and only the bobbing buoys of the lobster traps to remind you that humans are living off of this landscape…

IMG 6368

It’s kinda nice to see things that way! Like a lighter touch, a smaller footprint…There aren’t so many big cities or even large towns to support here, not such a density of population to supply…And there is a long history, a history that began with people who were simply making a livelihood for themselves and their families, not rushing west in search of trees to harvest or gold to mine or tourism to establish…So, it’s interesting to see, where the land is so similar, how the development and the maintenance can be so very different!

As we looked ahead at the week, we realized a few things. First, in order to complete our registration process, we were going to need to be available via phone and internet pretty much all week. Second, we were most likely going to be looking at properties farther up the coast than where we were right now. But, third, with the Labor Day holiday coming up, it was going to be challenging to find a new base camp with availability. So, we moved campsites at Camden Hills, settling into a new spot with water and electric and internet connection (luxury!), where we could stay right through Labor Day weekend. 

And then, we enjoyed a picnic-late-lunch at the top of Mount Battie, which affords this great view of Camden and the harbor.

IMG 6374

IMG 6375

Again, I said, “I’ve seen this before! But I was facing the other direction!”

IMG 6376

And on Tuesday evening, as we settled in to our new site for the week, Genevieve started feeling a bit feverish. I bundled her into the tent with us, so she would be close at hand for comforting during a restless night, and her brothers could sleep undisturbed…

So, Wednesday was a slow day…A movie-watching-and-dozing-day…

IMG 6381

A multi-pot-of-coffee day…

IMG 6378

And an office day! A day for research, learning more about the area, planning our week, praying about where to go next, where to look next, what to look for…

IMG 6379

It was an office with a view…

IMG 6380

And free child-care!

IMG 6383

And, as the afternoon turned golden, and Genevieve awoke feeling restored, there was just enough time for an evening at the local Laite Memorial Beach, another visit to a familiar view facing a new direction! 

IMG 6388

IMG 6392

IMG 6391

IMG 6395

IMG 6400

Good night, Camden! We’ll see ya in the morning!


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