Travel Days (August 25 – 26)

Have you ever heard a rock ring?

On the way from Philadelphia to New York City was an interesting little stop called Ringing Rocks County Park. It was a surprise for the kids, and came about in one of those funny little twists of the Lord’s provision…During one of our hotel stays, we had seen a Weather Channel program that described how geologic processes had created “ringing rocks”. It was super-cool! But, you know, it was in Europe somewhere. Then, during a conversation with Nonna one evening, she said, “You know, you guys should check out that Ringing Rocks park near here. I bet the kids would really like it!” Turns out, of course, it was right along our path out of town!

And so, we arrived. And we each found a small rock. And we got ready to see if these rocks could ring 🙂

IMG 6293

Everywhere you looked, you could see the well-worn marks of generations of earlier ringers. Some rocks were completely white on top! Were they good ringers? Or rung-out?

IMG 6299

Okay, we’re ready to ring!

IMG 6287

Isn’t that cool? Some rocks just sounded like rocks, others like small bells, others like big gongs…There was no recognizable pattern. Big ones weren’t necessarily louder, or deeper, or the way they were angled or the way they were stacked on other rocks didn’t seem to make any difference. So it was just fun, fun, fun, rock after rock, see how this one sounds, see how that one sounds, constantly be surprised! I could have probably spent all day here 🙂

The Weather Channel people who described what causes this phenomenon did a great job, but I don’t think anyone actually completely understands why this happens. God just made it this way. Because it’s awesome. And He can!

The rocks also made great hiding places, just another little bonus to a totally amazing place!

IMG 6296

IMG 6302

But, this was a travel day, and it was time to get back on the road.

After a little planning and prayer and consideration, we had decided not to stop in New York City. We thought about spending a couple of nights there, and taking the subway in to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art, maybe Central Park and such. But after thought and prayer and asking the kids, it just wasn’t the right stop for us.

So instead, we’d be doing a drive-by of the Statue of Liberty, saying hello from the New Jersey side at Liberty State Park…

DSC 4338

…with the NYC skyline in the distance…

IMG 6308

Hi, Statue of Liberty!

IMG 6310

Bye, Statue of Liberty!

IMG 6311

IMG 6311And on we went, up and around New York City, and further on to New Haven, Connecticut, where we would be visiting the furniture exhibits at the Yale University Art Gallery the next morning.

But sometime in the early hours, Asher began to feel feverish and restless, and woke up feeling pretty crummy. I made him as comfortable as I could in the truck, with ice packs and blankets, and we drove in to Yale. It was a Friday morning, and we hoped it wouldn’t be too busy just yet…But as we approached, traffic was at a standstill for blocks and blocks. As we inched along, we saw people all along the sidewalks of the university with signs, with security, with luggage, “Welcome back, students!” and “This way to registration!” Oh my goodness, we had stumbled right into back-to-school day at the campus! We laughed and shook our heads, wondering where we would ever find a place to park, and then, just as we saw the Art Gallery entrance on the corner, we also saw a parking space! Amazing!

So, we parked, and Asher roused himself enough to make it through the main gallery exhibit, but he was pretty puny. The architecture is stunning, but I was in care-and-comfort mode, and didn’t take a single picture of my cute kiddos among the towering stone archways and multi-story picture windows!

We walked back to the truck, and I settled the kids in with a movie, while Joe brought us smoothies and frozen coffee (mine, all mine!) to sustain us while he headed back in for a tour of Yale’s furniture archives, row upon row of antiques, dated and sorted and catalogued and open to study!

DSC 4537

For some reason that we may someday understand, the Lord clearly wanted Joe to see this place. He gave us grace and comfort as we waited, even in Asher’s sickness, even as we sat in the truck, in our one parking space within a square mile of Yale which also, somehow, was shaded by a tree, and then shaded by an overcast sky, cool and comfy until Daddy’s tour was complete and we could move on down the road…

Our next stop was Mystic, Connecticut, and we made a beeline for our hotel, where we drew a hot bath for Asher, and then tucked him in to a cool bed, and let the Lord’s healing and comfort wash over him…


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