While We Wait…(September 15)

Monday after Labor Day, we arrived in Washington County, Maine, the Sunrise County! This part of the state is known as “Down East” Maine, and kind of follows the coastline from Acadia National Park out to the Canadian border.

We found a cute little motel right off of Highway 1 with availability for the next week, to start. 

Screen Shot 2016 09 16 at 6 10 56 PM

The owners are a very nice couple who have a large family that have happily lived in the area their whole lives. It’s a rural location, farther out from the cities and the major tourist attractions, where wild blueberry farms and lobster fishing villages are the main economy. It’s quiet and lovely, in the forest, close to the shore, and far from the noise!  

So now, our job is to find a place to live. Day by day, following the Lord’s leading. Because He already knows the place that He has chosen for us, but we don’t!

Each day, we ask the Lord what we should do, and each day He gives us a certain list of things to accomplish. Some days, there are properties to see. Some days, we visit a Town Office to learn more about a property, or the town’s rules and processes. Some days, we’re contacting realtors about certain properties. One day, we went to the title company to learn about how they do closings here. One day, we found a surveyor to learn about surveys, soil tests, wells, septics and foundations in this area. Some days, of course, we also need to fit in laundry and grocery shopping 🙂  

One day, we didn’t know what we were supposed to do…So we headed on up to the motel’s front office, like we always do, to have a cup of coffee and enjoy some homemade blueberry muffins and chat with the owner. In the course of chatting, we mentioned a realtor we had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get in contact with. And she said, “Oh, I know him! He was my eighth grade teacher. His office is just up the road on the left. Tell him I sent you!” And so then, we knew what our task was for the day, and why we didn’t know it when we woke up!

So far, we have visited properties all throughout the big loop made by Highway 1 and Highway 9. What we learned was that we really feel led to be right where we are, right here within a handful of little towns near the motel that the Lord led us to, in the forest, close to the shore, amongst the wild blueberry fields, not far from the lobster villages, and far from the noise 🙂

After the work is done for each day, and of course all day on Sunday, Down East Maine is just waiting to be explored and enjoyed!

Just a short drive away is Roque Bluffs State Park…

DSC 4992

A long sandy shoreline, vibrant and sparkling in the late summer sun!

DSC 4993

Full of all those little squealing-with-excitement finds, snail shells and crab shells and tiny shrimps and sea glass…

DSC 4994

Beautiful blue snails that match the colors of the sea…

DSC 5007

DSC 5008

And a long, shallow shoreline for swimming on a warm, Indian-summer sunny day!

DSC 5038

DSC 5042

Or, a little further west will get you to the Schoodic Point section of Acadia National Park, located on a peninsula on the Maine coast, across the strait from Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island.

This point, jutting far out into the Atlantic ocean, is famous for a certain kind of coastline…

DSC 5084

DSC 5093

A wild, splashing, booming coastline, very impressive, and fun to see on this close, gray day, when it looks like the whole world narrows down to this one point!

DSC 5079

DSC 5082

Of course, I’ve seen this coastline before, but I was facing the other direction!

DSC 5062

And who should we meet, here at the Atlantic Ocean, but a wayward wanderer, a little guy who seemed to strike his own path. I bet his buddies said, “Come on, you can’t go to the ocean! Frogs like us never go to the ocean. It’s just not done. You’re crazy.” 

DSC 5045

But, he couldn’t resist the call, and found himself a nice little corner, with a few grasses and wildflowers to remind him of the ponds back home, and a stunning backdrop of wild Atlantic! (That’s him, peeking out at the bottom-left-hand-corner of the photo.)

DSC 5049

Yep, he has found his happy place!

DSC 5052

We also have some new feathered friends to learn about…Like this unidentified gull, probably a juvenile something-or-other, but we just can’t quite figure him out…

DSC 5116

And this diving duck (or goose?), lovely, but still a complete mystery to me…

DSC 5076

But, oh, the familiar friend, the Common Loon, diving and fishing in all of his graceful beauty along a calmer stretch of rocky shore! They always take my breath away, and I look forward to coming across them in a forest lake one day, and maybe, hopefully, enjoying their hauntingly lovely calls echoing across the landscape…

DSC 5138

Or if you feel like exploring to the east, you can turn down to another little point, called the Eastern Knubble, where a forest path…

DSC 5159

…leads to the edge of the world, again! 

IMG 6648

This little section of the world has so very many edges! So many coves and bays and points and harbors (and knubbles?), each with a teeny town (or what remains of one), each with an amazing view!

IMG 6641

Bright sunshine and turquoise waters! (But NOT WARM 🙂 )

IMG 6653

It never gets old, exploring the craggy cliffs and cobblestone shores and sandy beaches and seaweed-y tide pools…

IMG 6657

But, what’s a girl to do when her Crocs give her blisters after a day at the shore?

Go barefoot in the forest, of course! Luckily, it was a soft forest path…And, oh my goodness, did we learn how cute toes can be on a woodland sprite!

DSC 5171

Toes on the pine-needle-path…

DSC 5173

DSC 5175

Toes that find a tree-root…

DSC 5179

And hold on tight!

DSC 5177

But, best of all, are wiggly toes in soft, springy moss!

DSC 5181

All the way down the woodland path, the barefoot munchkin skipped and danced 🙂

DSC 5193

And still we wait, and each day unfolds in its own time.

Sometimes, it’s strange…Like, sometimes I think, “I should do something more. We should call someone. We should look for other properties. I should get on the computer and try again.” But, then I remember, each day, that we have done the things that the Lord has laid out for us to do. And so I just trust, and decide not to try to take things into my own hands, but to enjoy the time He has provided for other things, like praying, or reading the Bible, or chatting with my kids, or playing a family game, or sitting down to write or draw.

The absolute certainty of God’s perfect plans is a great comfort in a world that makes little sense, otherwise. I can’t ask for more than the comfort of feeling, each day, that I’ve done what I was supposed to do, that I’ve obeyed God’s instructions for that day. See, that’s the feeling that lets me know that God’s plan is still unfolding perfectly in my life, even when I can’t see how! 


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