Just Look at This Place! (September 22)

Cadillac Mountain, in Acadia National Park, is a high point that looks out over the little village of Bar Harbor below, and the intricate network of islands and channels that make up the Mt Desert Narrows. 

IMG 6667

The view is stunning on a bright day, pink granite cliffs and dark green forests…

IMG 6670

Deep blue waters and a turquoise sky, white fluffy clouds and white dots of villages and white dots of schooners!

IMG 6668

But in autumn, the winds are changing, and the afternoon brought chilly gusts…


IMG 6673

IMG 6686

And silvery gray cloud-cover…

IMG 6676

Just right for a nap! 

IMG 6680

But don’t forget that storms are coming, lol!

DSC 5233

At Roque Bluffs beach, a very low tide at sunset revealed this great stretch of rocky landscape, where the water would normally be well over our heads!

IMG 6691

It was too cold for swimming, but the boys couldn’t resist wading in the tidal river…

IMG 6694

…while we found new limpets and snails to admire…




…and watched the blue evening fall across the bay!

IMG 6696

IMG 6697

 Some autumn days settle in close and cool and misty, making it look like nothing exists beyond the blueberry fields, resting now after the season’s harvest, turning red…

IMG 6698

…and bordered with sweet little yellow wildflowers, that seem happiest in these dewy mornings.

IMG 6704

Herds 🙂 of turkeys wander through the fields – they must feel safe because of all the NO TRESPASSING signs posted by the blueberry farmers!

IMG 6701

The maples are beginning to turn, and their bright leaves are reflected in all the marshland pools and streams.



IMG 6705

And still, there are summer days! When the sun turns warm, we get swimsuits on fast – we don’t want to miss a chance to enjoy the last moments of this summer!

IMG 6744

IMG 6748

IMG 6777

IMG 6753

It’s so very peaceful, to sit in the soft sand and watch the kids wade and splash, sometimes running, sometimes digging, sometimes searching among the rocks, sometimes chasing down the seagulls…

And I must not be the only one who feels that way – we were joined this particular afternoon by a sweet little seal who bobbed along the shore, watching our kids play as well!

IMG 6780

And whenever I lose the kids, I can just follow their tracks 🙂 But all the traces of our presence will be washed away before our next visit, lol!

IMG 6774

It’s an easy place to be, and time slips smoothly by on a golden afternoon at the shore!

IMG 6769

IMG 6772

Down in Jonesport, when the tide goes out, a brave new world appears! You can walk right out to an island, on dry ground. Look at the tiny dots of my children, running across the ocean floor!

IMG 6785 

IMG 6825

Although you do have to be mindful of the tide coming back in, there are hours between changes to enjoy and explore!

IMG 6800

IMG 6803

IMG 6805

IMG 6814

IMG 6807

IMG 6798

IMG 6808

IMG 6815

IMG 6816

IMG 6840

And once the tide comes in, it looks like this…You can’t imagine the delightful squeals from a carful of kids who realize, “Hey! That’s right where we were walking!”

IMG 6870

Beyond Jonesport, a bridge takes you out to Beal’s Island, an island with a long history in lobster. People find it amazing, like stepping back in time, or into another little world that has been little affected by anything beyond its borders! 

IMG 6841

I was surprised to see such a sparkling, tidy waterfront in such a highly-trafficked fishing village. Day in and day out, with their busiest season in fall, the lobster boats are running traps; and yet, when their day is done, they seem to take just as much pride in neat boats and neat docks, everything stacked and organized and ready for the next day.

IMG 6862

IMG 6846

IMG 6867

IMG 6855

And right at the dock, you can get fresh catch served up fried, or on a roll, or in chowder, while you watch the boats go by 🙂

IMG 6850

Little villages, little inlets and coves, little stretches of sandy beach, little forested parks, little tidal marshlands, in a little nook in the little state of Maine… 

IMG 6708

What a place! It’s hard to imagine you could ever run out of something to do 🙂




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