The Winter Beach (January 29)

Since moving in to our little work-in-progress, we’ve been fairly focused. We haven’t ventured very far from our own property, because there continues to be so very much to explore and discover and enjoy right outside the back door!

But, a Sunday came when we thought that it was time to visit the beach again! Only 20 minutes away, we haven’t seen it since our late-summer days, and I was curious to see if the winter scene was much different. There wouldn’t be any snow, as a week of above-freezing temperatures and sunshine had melted away the evidence of the last snow-storm, but I wondered if it would be different, somehow…

DSC 5543

Not much! The breeze was chilly, but the water was blue and sparkling and the sand and the stones and the seaglass were all there, just the same!

DSC 5558

DSC 5552 2

DSC 5548




Of course, in a few places, the evidence of winter still remained, and everyone got to pick a fresh icicle-pop right off the cliff…


How exactly do kids enjoy chewing on ice on a cold day outside? I don’t know…but they do…


A winter evening over the water is quite beautiful, and nice and early, as the sun still starts going down around 4:30…





And, on the way home, we followed the sunset past country churches…

DSC 5581 2

…and old farmhouses…


…and fields and forests…


…and back to our little house in the woods, with a handful of seaglass to add to our collection, and a reminder of what a treat it is to be able to spend a day at the beach!


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