Genevieve Turns 5! (February 20, March 7)

Oh, my sweet little girl, turning 5 years old!

Her day began, as birthdays always do in the Michalski house, with everyone singing “Happy Birthday to you!” when she woke up. There would continue to be spontaneous choruses of “Happy Birthday to you!” throughout the day!

Then, I snuggled my little girl into my lap, and everyone gathered around to hear the story of the special day when she was born! You know, “So there I was, with an enormous belly, praying that the Lord would please make things go smoothly for this delivery, and help us make sure that Asher and Spencer were well taken care of, since the hospital said they really shouldn’t come with us, but we didn’t know who would be able to stay with them on short notice. It was a Monday morning, and everyone had just gotten up, and we were all getting ready for a normal workday, when I turned to Joe and said, “I think it’s time to go to the hospital…” and so on, and so forth, until everything fell smoothly into place, and the brothers returned from the hospital play-room and said hello to their brand-new baby sister, and Mommy’s prayer for a smooth delivery was perfectly answered! 

We continued on to birthday-breakfast at Helen’s, chocolate chip pancakes, please! This makes for two birthdays in a row (Spencer’s and now Genevieve’s), and this may just be a birthday tradition.

About a week ago, in preparation for the birthday girl’s big day, Asher helped me do a little shopping. We stopped at a cute little store called River Lily in nearby Milbridge, a boutique shop in a historic building, and Asher helped me pick out a great assortment of special treasures: a beautifully illustrated Bird Bingo game; a picture book called The Secret Bay with watercolor drawings, poems, and information about all the estuary creatures; a fishy soap-dish and seashell soaps; a sparkly magic wand; a pretty paper ornament to add to her Christmas collection; a tiny colorful hummingbird; and a wee-coffee-cup-and-teeny-pewter-bird-spoon. The idea behind the coffee cup and spoon was that Genevieve could join us for a little-girl version of morning coffee, so we took that special present with us for her to open at the restaurant.


Oh, and she knew just what to do with them!


She stirred a whopping spoonful of honey into a little watered-down-coffee…


And drank it up!

At home, there were balloons and candles and presents to open…


…greatly enjoyed with brothers!


After a slight delay, we also enjoyed Genevieve’s birthday-party-day in Bangor at the Maine Discovery Museum, a great little children’s museum in historic downtown with several floors of exploration and play, including big magnets and nano-particles…


…molecular building blocks…


…a great nature play-zone with bird, bat, reptile and amphibian displays…




…a water-play river system…



…some historic transportation displays…




…and oh-so-many-other-things to try out and learn about and dance to and play with and draw on and anything else you can imagine! 

What a fabulous, wonderful, way to turn 5! Happy birthday, little one!


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