Summertime, Summertime (July 2)

Some days, I feel like anything is possible. Some days, I feel like I am woefully inadequate for what lies ahead. Both are true. So, regardless of which truth I feel each day, I remind myself to hold tight to the one truth that is more fundamental than either – “With man, it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible!”

The remainder of the mobile home demolition was a serious work-effort, as we peeled off layers of steel roofing, bagged up insulation, pulled out framing, and then moved down to the final level, the flooring, pulling off sheets of linoleum, tearing up 3/4” plywood, bagging up more insulation…

And then, if that wasn’t quite enough, the removal of the flooring revealed just how much porcupine poo had piled up underneath!


It was 18” deep, filling sections of the frame about 20 feet long and 8 feet wide! And, since it was mingled with trash and fiberglass, it wasn’t really “organic” enough to be spread in the forest, and also had to be bagged and disposed. Yep, that’s right, there I was, shovelin’ porcupine poo, about 40 bags-full!

But now, having it reduced to the metal frame is a great feeling! And we all threw our work gloves away and bought new ones, because, happily, that was the last of the really gross clean-up work 🙂

P6190973 2

The farm seems to be growing so slowly, I expect because of all the cool, rainy days. Our seedlings are still seedlings, and not even the cool-weather crops are very far along. Sometimes I can’t imagine that anything will produce this year, but I remind myself that the garden belongs to the Lord, and I trust in His perfect plan, vegetables or no vegetables!

In the meantime, our next project is the foundation. We thought that what we would be doing was a little bit of repair work packing in some concrete to support a corner, followed by wrapping some insulation board around the perimeter, and then backfilling with gravel. It was going to be a fair job, but after a little research, the job got a little bigger, because we learned that we should dig down two feet all around to install the insulation…


And then bigger still when we dug down, and the loosely-packed gravel underneath our foundation fell away, and we realized that we’ll actually be pouring a footing all the way around the house. Which is what we planned to do initially, but had come to think wouldn’t be necessary…And so we’ve come full-circle, back to a big job, to stabilize the erosion and properly insulate, to ensure future stability and eliminate condensation and moisture inside. It’s the right thing to do, but there was a moment (or more) when I had to strongly remind myself that with God all things are possible, because the enormity of the task loomed up a little high.

But I remember, and always remember, that when He reveals to us what is to come, what needs to be done, what can be achieved, it always comes to pass, whether I’ve ever thought it possible or not, lol!

And, gentle as ever, He cushions the moments that are difficult with many, many moments that are beautiful…Summer at the beach continues to unfold, and I am so grateful that the children get to experience the lovely casual enjoyment of spontaneously deciding, “Work’s done, it’s sunny, let’s go to the beach!”


Sometimes it gets a little backed up on the expressway, you know, bumper-to-bumper…


But it’s so relaxing once you make it to the tide pool 🙂


And, besides the pocketfuls of pebbles and seaglass, there’s often something new to see, something I can’t figure out, and have to Google to identify…”Cluster egg sac Maine coast”, click on Images, and the answer is, Common Whelk egg cases!


Of course, the main attraction at the beach is the water!

IMG 0020

A few boogie-boards, purchased at Walmart in Florida last summer, have gone a long ways, from the sugar sands of Destin and floating a Florida river, up to the North Atlantic waters of Maine!





Of course, sometimes, you just feel like running around…




…sometimes you run out of steam…


…sometimes, you get the wave…

IMG 0026

…and sometimes the wave gets you!

IMG 0028

Brrrrrrr! These are no bathtub-temperature Florida waters, not even in June!

IMG 0029

But that’s okay, no hard feelings, it’s all a day at the beach!

IMG 0032

This area really wakes up in the summer, or “the season”, and there are quite a few little outings and activities to enjoy. There’s a bit of archery training at the nearby Pleasant River Fish and Game Club…

IMG 0013

IMG 0017

There’s a visit to a beautiful little barn down in Cherryfield, where we got to meet the horses, and even take a ride!












A short drive down US-1, Darthia Farms hosted an open-farm day, complete with horse-drawn wagon-ride…



And then of course, at home, the world is filled with the little wonders of summer…Birds’ nests…


So many wonderful salamanders, abounding beneath mossy logs, smooth and cool with their gentle little feet and nudging noses, Eastern Red-Backed and Dusky and Blue-Spotted and Eastern Newt …





Baby birds, following their mommas around, being fed and learning how to fend for themselves…And, magically, one little guy who came down to the ground, and was only too happy to be patient with us all admiring him before we put him back up in the tree for momma to feed!







Weird mysteries to unravel….Why, you ask did I take a picture of a piece of straw?


Because it’s actually a worm!

A Horsehair Worm, apparently named because people used to believe that they were created from actual horsehairs that dropped into puddles…Harmless, weirdly wonderful, another on a long list of surprises, when I thought that pretty much, if you’ve seen one worm, you’ve seen them all 🙂

And, finally, the lovely, haunting, flute-like evening song of the Wood Thrush, wrapping up another summer evening, and reminding my heart that He is listening…


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