End of Season

Another craft fair, and another series of lessons from the Lord! The craft fair in Steuben was a two-day event, Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's not far from home, and we were glad to have a short drive, and everything already prepared from our experience in Bangor. Day One Our day started off like... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Dear Spencer! (November 27)

He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord...(Romans 14:16, KJV) It is an honor and a privilege and a delight each year to celebrate the birthdays of each of these children that the Lord has given into our care. The Lord was very generous in crafting our family, and we are thankful all the time... Continue Reading →

Harvest Plus+

Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field...(Proverbs 24:27, KJV) As it turns out, harvest season is about so much more than simply collecting food! Of course, it is also about collecting food... harvesting ....mmm, raspberries and squash blossoms and violets and elderberries!...mmmm, raspberries.......mmmm, apple cider......mmmm, squash blossoms... So many... Continue Reading →

Harvest Season!

Harvest season is a funny little time around the Michalski Homestead. You see, we're not really farmers, exactly. We're growing. Our first farm season, we were barely able to scrape a few planting beds out of the yard while we were clearing out old garbage and demolition debris. Our second farm season, we were barely... Continue Reading →

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